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As an athelte, as a nonathlete … simply as a person, being in pain for long periods of time is not an optimal way to live life. Our knowledgable clinical team raises the bar of patient care, patient experience and patient empowerment through an evidence-based model of treatment that combines hands-on manual skills with the state-of-the-art adjunct modalities to enhance tissue healing and regeneration to help people return to pain-free movement. We pave the way with latest technology to reduce pain as fast as we can to restablish movement patterns, and to activate muscles so that you can return to your daily life.

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Combined with Manual Therapy

From our experience using the ‘crème de la crème’ of leading technology to reach where manual hand therapy can’t touch quickens healing of ligaments, tendons, nerves, bones and joint issues, especially during post surgical care and rehabilitaiton. 

From the MAGNETOLITH® Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Therapy, LightSpeedLift “anti-gravity” system, INDIBA ® radiofrequency, Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy, and more, we’re speeding patient recovery to get back into full movement.

One-on-One Clinical Pilates and Personal Training
Shockwave Therapy

Here at HelloPhysio, we’re not only practitioners of our trade, but we are all also avid athletes ourselves. Our team understand firsthand how important it is to quickly get back into daily active lives post-surgical operation or following an injury. Find out more about our team of physiotherapists, Pilates and personal trainers, sports massage therapist, and other health and wellness professionals.


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