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What Is INDIBA® Therapy?

[Photo courtesy of INDIBA Asia featuring tennis great Rafael Nadal]

INDIBA is a registered name for a type of medical equipment used to provide radiofrequency treatment to patients experiencing pain from inflammation and damaged tissue. These conditions can be caused by injuries which have been corrected through surgery or physical therapy. Although the creators of INDIBA did not discover the healing component of radiofrequency, they have been researching and refining the delivery of such healing through medical equipment for 35 years. Enabling equipment to provide the 448kHz necessary to promote cellular level activity has created INDIBA therapy. It is the application of this process used to promote such healing.

The Use of Radiofrequency as a Medical Remedy

INDIBA therapy involves applying radiofrequency to a specified location of a patient’s body enacting cells to regenerate much quicker than if the body is left alone to do so. Regenerating new cells, promoting oxygen creation and encouraging blood flow speeds the recovery time frame while decreasing inflammation and lessening the percentage of damaged tissue. Radio wave frequency coupled with physio therapy such as massage and exercise decreases the use of pain medication while quickly putting the body back to work through its own efforts.

There is a thermal and non-thermal component of this process whose usage is determined by the injury itself. The heating component provides an environment on the cellular level capable of activating the healing processing of an old wound per INDIBA creators.

Common Conditions / Injuries

Some of the well-known conditions and injuries which benefit from the use of INDIBA therapy are:


  • Muscle Damage
  • Neck Injury

Back Injury

According to the makers of INDIBA, this method of cellular repair is being used by sports professionals prior to game activities to promote optimal performance of their physical body much in the same respect of stretching your muscles before a physical workout. The immediate effect of cell regeneration, oxygen creation, and blood flow provided by this method gives the body a boost lasting well after the treatment has been applied.

Additional Uses for INDIBA

The use of INDIBA equipment for medical purposes spans beyond the world of sports or avid physical activity enthusiasts. INDIBA’s clients also include:

Veterinarians who use the radiofrequency procedure to provide similar pain relief to its pet patients.

Dermatologists offer these services to assist patients with such remedies as collagen creation in the facial area.

Gynaecologists provide women with the removal of fibroids using the application of radiofrequency treatments.


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