There is a medical difference between a spa massage and a sports massage. One concentrates on a relaxed experience while the other will assist with the prevention and recovery of a medical diagnosis applying relief to the damaged tissue area for healing.

What is sports massage?

To answer the question “What is sports massage?” is to define the different massage techniques used to provide a medicinal solution due to injury. These types of massages are not only for athletes. A physically, active individual would benefit as well. Besides providing relief of pain to the injured, a sports massage can be used for creating flexible muscles to avoid serious injury.

Type of Massages and their Benefits

Effleurage – is used to prepare the body for a massage with an oil application to warm up the muscles. This is a light touch with the hand that includes upward strokes assisting the blood flow towards the heart.

Petrissage – using the palms and knuckles in a kneading motion this massage application continues to relax the muscles. Part of the muscle is kneaded in an upward position while the other side is kneaded in a downward motion.

Stripping the Muscle – in this technique, the therapist applies deep pressure using both thumbs to smooth out knots or scar tissue. Deep pressure is applied at the center of the muscle.

Circular Friction Massage – the therapist’s thumb is used to apply a circular motion to break apart adhesions or scar tissue.

Trigger Point Massage – although this technique can be painful its ultimate goal is to remove sensitivity and lumps at the point of injury with deep pressure and motion of the therapist’s thumbs.

Some common injuries that can benefit from a medicinal massage:

Ankle sprain – This occurs when the ligaments in your ankle are torn or overstretched.
Calf strain – This tear of a muscle located in the lower, back area of the leg.
Achilles tendonitis – An inflammation of the tendon that connects the lower calf to the heel of your foot. Common occurrences in runners who do not warm up properly to strengthen this region before physical activity.
Jumper’s knee – Is a tear or overuse of the tendon connecting the kneecap to the shin bone.
Hamstring strain – The hamstring is a muscle in the back of your leg connected to your knee. This strain occurs from injury or overuse.
Tennis elbow – Is the overuse thus strain of the muscles surrounding the elbow area.

To provide professional and conclusive results a person providing any type of sports massage must acquire massage training.

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